Snooker & Pool Accessories

Triangle Cue Chalk

Triangle billiard cue chalk has a 75 year reputation around the world as a fine, high quality cue chalk product. Pool and Snooker clubs like the cue chalks firmness and players like the secure feeling in attempting critical shots. This chalk is used by most professional snooker players and English pool players the world over because it smoothly coats your cue tip and also does not go brittle like the cheaper chalks.

Saluc Aramith Balls

If you enjoy your pool or snooker then you must only consider buying good quality balls. Made in Belgium since the 1960′s, the manufacturer, Saluc uses a unique method to develop a ball out of Phelonic Resins that is chip and scratch resistant. Because it holds its high end gloss well over time it results in minimal ball and table cloth wear! Tests prove that of all the balls on the market, the Aramith ball is still the superior ball to use which is why tournaments and pool and billiard clubs around the world choose Aramith.

Elk Master & Blue Diamond Tips

Crafted from high quality, mineral-tanned leather, Elk Master tips wear well and hold their shape under the roughest use. Blue Diamond tips are made by the Brunswick Corporation in America. The tips are made from specially selected and treated leather and then infused with chalk. This makes for a very reliable tip time after time. Blue Diamond tips are slightly harder than Elk Masters so need more cue ball control from the player.

Other accessories stocked:

  • Hard and Soft Cue Cases
  • Cloth Cleaner Spray
  • Brass Rest Hook
  • Horsehair Brushes
  • Fitted Pool Covers and Snooker Table Covers
  • Ring Pocket Nets
  • Ball Triangles

BCE & Riley Snooker & Pool Accessories

To view any accessories stocked please select your item by clicking on the item code on the left.

T7024S+ Tip Clamp 9/10mm
BCE0001 BCE Training Ball 2′ 1/16′ (52.4mm)
3139/RB22 2′ 1/16′ Aramith Snooker 22 Ball Set & Case
3245 2′ (1 7/8′ Cue Ball) V-8 Aramith Pool Set
Red Dot 1 7/8″ Aramith White Cue Ball
3271T 1 7/8″ Supapro Shrink Wrapped Pool Set
3112T 2″ Supapro Spots & Stripes
3245M 2″ Supapro Marbleized V8 Pool Set
3302T 1 7/8′ Reds & Yellows Pool Set
EM-9 9mm Elk Master Tips per Box (50)
EM-10 10mm Elk Master Tips per Box (50)
1471 9mm Blue Diamond Tips per Box (50)
1475 10mm Blue Diamond Tips per Box (50)
1476 11mm Blue Diamond Tips per Box (50)
JT30N 10mm Screw Tips per (100)
094GR 12 x 12 Triangle Green Chalk
095GR 144 Triangle Green Chalk
CX30C BCE Cue Extension Clam Pack
SE-1 Riley Black Smart Extender Clam Pack
1440T Brass Cross Rest Head
1441T Brass Butt Rest Head
1495T Brass Spider Rest Head
1445 Brass Span Rest Head
1528 Brass Rest Hook
1610N Rest Toes
1496SF 2pce BCE 9′ (2.47m)
SP16 Cloth Cleaner
111-15mm Spots
1004-7 7′ Fitted Pool Table Cover
999-7 7′ Pool Cover
R1524L 12′ Riley Deluxe Table Cover
1526 Northern Rubber 6 x 72′ (183cm) Cushion Rubber
1645 2′ 1/16′ (52,5mm) Balls – Ring Pocket Nets
1644 2′ (51mm) Balls – Bag Nets
SPW-010 Brass Snooker Ball Rail ( All Games Rails Set 6) Full Size
DTFT-1 2′ Riley Mini Soccer Table
DTPT-JR 2′ BCE Kidz Mini Pool Table
SPW-021 1 7/8′ Spots & Stripes Pool Set

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