Taking Care of Your Billiard Cue

As a pool player, needless to say, the billiard cue stick is probably the most important equipment you will ever need. And a good billiard cue stick will affect your game play and confidence, hence protecting your billiard cue stick … Continue reading

Table Cue Care

Hard and soft Cue Cases – once you have invested in a cue it is important to look after it and the best way is to keep it and transport it in one of our Hard or Soft cue cases. … Continue reading

How to Care For Your Pool Cue

Now that you’ve purchased your very own pool cue, and hopefully followed some of the advice from earlier articles before doing so, you’re going to want to take care of your investment. A good cue is relatively durable and forgiving, … Continue reading

Cue Stick Tips

A good pool cue stick is an extension of your arm. Proper maintenance and repair will help you keep your investment intact while keeping your shots on line! When burnishing your cue stick with leather, it is speed not power … Continue reading

Cue Care

Cue Care Never use abrasives – EVER! That means no sandpaper, scouring pads etc. You never want to remove a layer of wood just to make it smooth – but you do want to clean the existing wood to maintain … Continue reading

Cloth Fitting & Care

If you are replacing your pool or snooker table cloth then please only use a reputable fitter. A professional fitter will know firstly, which direction the cloth should lie and secondly, the fact that pulling the cloth too much stretches … Continue reading