Cue Care

Cue Care

Never use abrasives – EVER! That means no sandpaper, scouring pads etc. You never want to remove a layer of wood just to make it smooth – but you do want to clean the existing wood to maintain the shape, balance and feel of the cue.
Your pool cue represents an investment on your part, so keeping it clean and in good condition will make it last a long time – and will give you many, many years of playing!

Remember, to minimise warping, a cue stick should not be leaned on its tip against anything and it should be kept in a place that varies little in temperature. Normally it’s best to keep your cue in a cue case, easy to transport and gives protects from moisture and the sun.

The tip of your pool cue is the most important part of the stick. You can shoot pool with a broom handle, if the tip is solid and properly shaped you can play with it! “Real” tips are glued on and must be able to hold chalk, so periodic scuffing is necessary. The roundness of the tip should be maintained with a shaper. But shaping and scuffing too often will cause your tip to disappear quickly. The sides of the tip should be even with the ferrule, not mushroomed out.

Take care not to damage your Ferrule. Scratches in the ferrule can result in gathering dust, chalk and dirt which can change the way the cue strikes the ball. If you have to replace the ferrule on your cue stick, consult with a professional as trying to remove or add a ferrule incorrectly can ruin your stick.

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