Cue Stick Tips

A good pool cue stick is an extension of your arm. Proper maintenance and repair will help you keep your investment intact while keeping your shots on line!

  • When burnishing your cue stick with leather, it is speed not power that helps to repair nicks and shine the wood surface. For best results, move quickly up and down the shaft without applying too much pressure.
  • Take care not to damage your ferrule when you sand the tipe of the cue stick. Scratches in the ferrule can result in gathering dust, chalk and dirt which can change the way the cue strikes the ball.
  • If you have to replace the ferrule on your cue stick, consult with a professional cue maker or restorer. Different manufacturers use different connections for the ferrules, and trying to remove or add a ferrule incorrectly can ruin your stick.
  • Seriouos nicks, cuts or other damage to the shaft require repair by a professional woodworker or cuemaker; attempting complicated repairs yourself can result in unbalancing or further damaging the cue.