Taking Care of Your Billiard Cue

As a pool player, needless to say, the billiard cue stick is probably the most important equipment you will ever need. And a good billiard cue stick will affect your game play and confidence, hence protecting your billiard cue stick is almost as important as buying one. Many players own 2 billiard cue sticks when they play though it is not financially possible for most of us – taking good care of your billiard cue stick becomes part of the game.

First, you got to buy a billiard cue case for your billiard cue stick, not only it protects your billiard cue stick from knocks, it also protects it’s finish. There are soft and hard ones, if budget allows, buy the hard one, it will shield your billiard cue stick from damage most effectively.

Joint protectors should be considered, as it protects the joints to stay on good,, straight and dust free condition, when it stays in the case. It helps to protect the shaft, which is the part that actually plays the game.

In order to keep your billiard cue stick in good condition, you should keep all billiard accessories clean and dry. Many conditions can warp your billiard cue stick, make sure your billiard cue stick is kept in a dry place, and minimise sandpaper, only do it when you really have to. You can purchase cleaning sollvents from professional shops, or maybe get some more advise from them.